As you will have noticed from the title above, it states, "There is a Story to Tell",

and what a story. However, it’s much more than that! It’s the highs and lows and the many laughs, plus the ‘occasional’ differences we had. It’s a chance to see and hear the experiences of a new semi-pro band, as it moves on to become a professional one.



The Beginning




In "The Sixties Musical Explosion" its founding member, Keith Murray, (RIGHT) came up with an idea after spending his first few years as a drummer/musician in a few sixties beat groups .


My guess is that he may have thought all these local 60's bands were just too similar.  Based on my own reflections, I’d say some had better musicians, some had better looking band members, and a few played more up to date songs? However, in essence most of those bands were very similar.









By comparison, today’s North East groups would inherently be categorised as cover bands too. Nevertheless, despite the trend towards similar groups /bands, some do try to perform Freelanders, Opportunity Knocks, Redcar, Harmony band, Mamas and Papas, Seekers, New Seekers, Keith Potgertheir own music, even though this means locally bookings and performances are harder to find.


As a musician from that period myself, like Keith, I too was a little disillusioned. The sounds of the sixties began to get repetitive.

I’m not saying it wasn’t exciting to be among those groups back then.

Nevertheless, that early “sound of the sixties” did start to disappear as the years move on. It started to change, and develop as music does through time.


Again by comparison, the initial early music from the Beatles evolved radically from what it became four years later on their iconic album

“Sergeant Peppers Lonely Harts Club Band ".


Music-wise, the power of the “Sixties”, for those who lived through that time was a revolution to all modern music that came after it!


The Above is the Key..




So, what has this to do with regards to the Freelanders Biography, well the above is the key....


The story is NOT just about the music we played, it’s about all the people involved, the influences and sound differences they brought to the band. In addition I wanted to share the luck we had and lost, the decisions made, (good and bad), and the funny stories about our adventures along the way.


Thinking about the history of the band, and the story to be told, I didn’t want to make this site just facts and figures. I wanted to share the laughter, sadness, and the amazing people we met too, and all the incredible experiences we all had throughout the 10+ years

Where we Began

Map and location of Redcar, North Yorkshire, UK

How to Tour the Site

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As you go through the pages on this site, you’ll notice red text in places. This is a sign that there are additional explanations or information, and/or my opinions of what might have happened.

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Throughout this biography I have to guess KEITH'S thinking, and why he did things Freelanders, Opportunity Knocks, Redcar, Harmony band, Mamas and Papas, Seekers, New Seekers, Keith Potgerin his way. As he died a few years ago, I had to gather materiel from the other members of the Freelanders, past managers and friends.


I have compiled the story to be as close as I could get to the truth. Don’t be let down though, it’s a good tale, which focuses on one of Teesside’s most successful bands over the decade they existed.


As stated, this is a story linked by the eleven changes of personnel over 10+ years, and the changes which occurred during the beginning and end years. This biography of the band has been split up into ten chapters, Freelanders One through to Ten). Look at the Freelanders (numbers) as chapters in the story. (See Below)







With all ten changes there was also eleven different members of the band, one member was in the band three times.


Now the Sad part

As I finish this site, (2016) two of the eleven have died, and one has since moved away, but I’m still hoping to hear form her! Moreover, because she holds the key to their part in the band's history, I will have very little information when it comes to that part of the story, (Freelanders 8).

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